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Project RE-Place

Project RE-Place

Obrazek Replace

RE-Place is a scientific project of the Flemish and Brussels Capital regions which aims to centralize the available knowledge on the use of alternative methods to animal testing, also referred to as ‘New Approach Methodologies’ (NAMs), in Belgium. The collected information is integrated in an open access database which can be freely accessed by the scientific community, the government, regulators, ethical committees and other interested parties. The RE-Place database not only provides a reliable overview of the available expertise on NAMS, but also the names of experts who you can contact and research centres where these techniques can be learned. By facilitating access to the available knowledge and improving communication, RE-Place will grow as a powerful tool to stimulate the use of NAMs and promote their (further) development.

The ‘News and Events’ (https://www.re-place.be/news-events) section of the RE-Place website provides information on the latest developments and events happening in the field of NAMs.