Science&Technology Course 4

Science&Technology Course 4

Tło biurko

In July we had the opportunity to participate in another Science&Technology (S&T) event, organized by University of Milan. A four-day long workshop titled “ Role of inflammation as an exacerbating factor involved in organ toxicity and methodological approaches” was packed with knowledge. It consisted of 12 lectures, presented by the scientists from Milan (Italy), Cambridge (UK), Bilthoven (The Netherlands), Bad Nauheim (Germany) and Lecce (Italy). The event, as the previous ones, was held online.

The workshop focused on practical approach and new technologies, including 3D cell cultures, organoids or microfluidics application in inflammatory – the related research. On the first day a concise introduction, covering the basic principles of inflammation,  was presented. We also had the chance to gain an insight into the preclinical studies of inflammation as screening of anti-inflammatory drugs. On the second day the experts talked about inflammatory processes in the context of neurotoxicity and using the novel techniques – IPSCs-Based Neural organoids and organs-on-a-chip to model a disease and assess safety of new drugs. The third day was dedicated to the lung research, covering particles-induced lung toxicity and asthma, as well as alternative and in vitro methods, allowing to study lung inflammation processes. On the last day we touched the aspects of mutagenesis and alternative methods in immune system and liver testing.

Despite the summer atmosphere, the participants were quite engaged, as the agenda was really broad and the variety of topics covered by the experts made the whole event interesting for scientists working daily in many disciplines.

We cannot wait till the next S&T training, which will take place in September!