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Gloria Melzi

Gloria Melzi


Gloria Melzi obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences in 2016 and a Master’s Degree in Biology applied to research in Biomedicine al Sciences at Università degli Studi di Milano in 2018. She is a Ph.D. student in Pharmacological Biomolecular Sciences, experimental and clinical, at Università degli Studi di Milano. She is performing her research activity in the laboratory of genotoxicology supervised by prof. Marina Marinovich.

Research activity. She is studying to obtain her Ph.D. in Pharmacological Biomolecular Sciences, experimental and clinical with a project focused on the genotoxic evaluation of environmental pollutants. She is analyzing the genotoxicity of environmental PM samples with the classical genotoxicity assay and investigating the mechanisms of damage through a biomolecular approach based on the expression of DNA repair proteins.

The thesis of her Master’s Degree was focused on the evaluation of the effect of a botanical extract obtain from Vitis vinifera L. leaves on DNA damage induced by ultraviolet radiation B (UVB).

She is co-author/author of some scientific publications in peer-review journals.